548 Glebe Road, Adamstown NSW 2289
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How we arrived to where we are today...

My love of pizza goes back to my teenage years, catching the bus back to Wallsend from town and going to the Wallsend Pizza Parlour for a Meat Lovers pizza to consume on the long trek up Lake Road to home. Then on obtaining my drivers licence, I would head the other way to Cardiff for a pizza either from Porky's or Delfy's. Or there was the trip into town to the Parthenon or Leonardo DePizza. Then on moving to Sydney to work at the new Sydney Harbour Casino, I began to frequent a classic little Italian Pizza Joint that was a few doors down the road from me in Kingsford. Great memories, not really sure if they were great pizzas but the seemed a damn sight better than the pizzas from the Multinationals who were slowly taking over from the suburban pizzeria.

Fast forward a few years and with a growing interest in making my own pizzas, much experimenting was done, and many discussions were had cooking pizzas in a mates backyard wood fired oven. Those discussions mainly involved the dream of opening a pizza joint that was different to what was available now. Gourmet Pizza franchises were starting to creep onto the scene and the improvement in pizza standards were starting to show. It was during this time that the offer of going into a partnership in an up and coming local franchise on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. As the job I had at that time was about to come to an end, the time was right to take a gamble and make the trip north. The timing was indeed perfect as due to a combination of events, we took over just as this particular store had climbed to number 1 of over 50 stores within this franchise.

During my time on the Sunshine Coast I learned the art of making high quality pizzas. Thanks to an incredible group of young staff, whose knowledge and work ethic assisted me greatly in learning the finer points of pizza crafting, while maintaining a high standard, both personally and professionally. We had a lot of fun, and during the quiet times we made some incredible pizza concoctions (some of which are on my menu today) and shared a passion for great pizza. Unfortunately though, we were unable to share these amazing, unique pizza creations with our customers, as we were after all, a part of a franchise. We could only sell what was on the menu. This was the one thing I hated about being a franchise, no freedom to be different from the rest.

It was also during this time that I made 2 trips to the United States. The first trip was both a holiday and a mission to visit as many pizza joints as I could, to be inspired with ideas for a place of my own. The second, 5 months later was to attend the annual Pizza Expo trade show in Las Vegas. Three days of Pizza exhibitions, tastings and seminars learning more about running my own pizza place. It was here I also developed a new passion. Pork Ribs! Baby Backs, Full Platers, Beef Ribs.

So it was on returning from Las Vegas that I bid farewell to the franchise world and came home to Newcastle to set about creating the best Pizza and Rib Joint around. I felt while there were some good pizza places in Newcastle, there were a clear dearth of Ribs available for takeaway and wanted to set about correcting this anomoly. After a few false starts with venues falling through for various reasons, our current little home here on Glebe Road became available and after several weeks of setting up, here we are. We are the original home in Newcastle of takeaway Pork and Beef Ribs. Home of unique new pizzas like The Hot Chip, the Salt & Pepper Squid and the L.R.B, a flavour sensation with Lychees, (one of those first created back in the kitchen on the Sunshine Coast). A place with friendly staff who not only love working here, but have a passion for giving great service, and making everyone feel welcome. Walk into any pizza store in Newcastle and chances are you'll find a sombre, stale environment, with staff who look like they're afraid. Step into our store and you'll see genuine smiles.

As for the name, why Adam's Ribs & Pizza?

Your name isn't Adam. Well there are a few reasons and stories behind the name. Of course there is the reference towards our location, Adamstown. As well as the location, there is reference to the classic MASH episode, where Hawkeye craves Ribs from a place in Chicago, which turned out to be Adam's Ribs. There are a few other reasons too, but you'll have to ask me about them yourself.

So while you're tucking into your ribs remember, the sauces on those ribs are all made in-store. The delicious pizzas you are loving are made of all fresh ingredients, on low oil bases made here on the premises. And our pasta sauces are made from scratch, using all fresh ingredients. Because we love quality food, it's our goal to provide you with quality food as well.

Enjoy your Adam's experience...